First set of analog photos

Tunnel VisionAs you may or may not know, I have become the proud owner of a Nikon FE last Christmas. (Read all about it here) Of course, the best part about getting a new camera is taking a sh*t load of pictures with it. Although, in this case, I took it moderately easy because I don’t have endless film. This is also part of the game, only taking the photos that you are going to like afterwards. Anyway, where is all this going? You might have guessed, my first roll of film has been developed and I’ll show you a couple of my favorite shots. Continue reading

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The winner(s)

Winner 2012On the 31st of December I asked y’all which of my photos of 2012 was the best. Unfortunately there’s not one winner, but there’s two. I like both shots equally, I don’t know which one I prefer. They’re very different so it’s hard to compare anyway.

Let’s just get right to them, because I’ve nothing to add to this, you voted, here’s the outcome. Continue reading

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Christmas trees on fire

AdmiringChristmas is behind us, the turkeys have been eaten, the presents unwrapped and the trees been looked at. Now is the time to get all the ornaments and lights and whatnot out of those trees and eventually get rid of the tree itself. Put the tree alongside the road so the garbage men will pick it up? That’s one option. I prefer another option. Continue reading

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2012 Wrap-up

ChampagneHey there folks, the end of 2012 is only a few days away. The perfect moment to have a look at the photos that I took this year so we can set goals for next year. Continue reading

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Old School

Nikon FEIn this modern age where we take photos by the thousands, share them instantly, tweak any imperfections in post by adjusting some sliders and have access to all necessary aids like auto focus and exposure I thought it might cool to go back in time to the core of photography. Yes, I bought myself an analog camera. Want to know what and why, read on. Continue reading

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New York Exchange Pt 2

As you may or may not know I took part in an exchange program with a school in the Bronx, NY. As described in this blog post, ten American students visited Amsterdam last April. Ten students from our school – I was one of them – gave them a place to stay, showed them around town and of course had a great deal of fun with them.

Three weeks ago though, it was time for the second part of this exchange. The same ten students from Amsterdam  went up to the Bronx and the ten students from the Bronx gave us a place to stay and showed us around. Of course, we also had a ton of fun.

In a nutshell: we saw all the highlights from NYC, we’ve seen NYC and the Bronx from an inside perspective (really cool) and we ate loads of junk food (and some proper food)

For this was such an amazing week and a very unique experience, I’ve decided to write a little bit more than just the nutshell version, so read on for the full story. Continue reading

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Airstreams and sun

I just got back from a very warm and joyful week in the deep south of France. I was on holiday with a very good friend of mine, Jim, and his parents and we stayed at a camping with barely any other type of caravans than airstreams – if you don’t know what airstreams are, they’re the streamlined aluminium caravans. Continue reading

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Amsterdam 80 years ago

I’ve lived in Amsterdam all my life and I definitely like the city the way it is right now. But it is also really cool to know that your hometown has a very long and interesting history. I’m not very good at history and please don’t ask me about all the historical facts of my hometown, but whenever you see a tram like in the photos below rolling through the streets you’re gonna love the city even more. Continue reading

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Which of these HDRs?

To flee from studying last week I went to some bridge relatively close to my house to shoot some photos. That really relaxes me and makes it possible for me not to think about all those piles of books that needed some thorough reading/studying. Continue reading

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Skateboarding shoot

This weekend I did something I had looked forward to for a long time. I finally did a skateboarding photo shoot with a couple of kick ass boarders.

I arranged this shoot with a friend of mine, Waas. After it was postponed a good number of times we finally got to do the shoot. Waas had also brought in some of his skateboarding friends and one on a stunt step. We didn’t have a lot of time, but it was enough to get some spicy shots. Continue reading

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