Feeling that drives

I happen to be working on a bunch of video projects at the moment and I’ve noticed something. It’s a feeling that is somewhat terrifying, but it’s probably one of the things that really drives me. This feeling comes up whenever I start a shoot, whether it is photo or video.

Here’s a more detailed description: whenever I’ve agreed on shooting something for a client, at some point I’m going to have to show up, meet my client and shoot. It’s when I show up there – and I know they have all there faith in me, and I have to make it happen – that I always feel a little terrified. It’s scary as hell, like stage fright. This especially occurs when I’m not 100% sure what to shoot or how to shoot it. At this point I know I’ll have to improvise a lot and I just have to hope that’s going to work out well.

As terrified as I might feel at that point, I do know – fortunately – that in most cases I’m able to pull it off just fine. That always makes me feel a little bit better, but what makes me feel even better is starting. Whenever I’ve started to shoot and I’m doing my thing, I feel perfect and I genuinely enjoy it a lot.

Then of course, comes the day that all post production is done and the final product is there. That’s when I can look back at working at the project and feel absolutely great: the project is done, the final product looks kick-ass (hopefully) and I know the terrified feeling in the beginning wasn’t necessary after all. This is also when I realize how much I’ve learned. Because let’s be honest here: I’m just a rookie after all and there’s tons and tons of things I still have to learn. That, the ability to learn so much, and that feeling of anxiety in the beginning make it so much fun to take on new projects. It’s very exciting, I learn a ton and I get to crap my pants every once in a while.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you did, don’t be afraid to let me know in the comments or share it on Facebook or read it once more. Thanks!

For those of you who have – again – been asking where I’ve been: I’m very busy at the moment. Not only am I working on a couple of video and photo projects, I’m also studying which consumes most of my time. So please bare with me, there’ll be times with more time to write.


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