Walk through Amsterdam

20140202_walk_willem_DAK_5697_publishBlogToday I had a nice walk through Amsterdam with my good buddy Willem. This was kind of a rare occasion, since we usually (always) cycle through Amsterdam. Today however, Willem had a flat tire and we didn’t feel like fixing it. So instead, we decided to go on foot.

Walking with your camera definitely has some major advantages over cycling with your camera if you ask me. Whenever you’re cycling with your camera and you want to take a shot, you have to get off your bike, take out your camera and take the shot. That is, if you even see a shot you want to take. What I mean by that is that since you have to watch traffic and since you’re going much faster you’re missing a whole lot compared to when you’re walking.

All this being said, let’s head over to the images that came out. They’re not super amazing, but it’s nice to see how just an hour or so of walking can get you at least a couple of interesting photos.

20140202_walk_willem_DAK_5658_publishBlog 20140202_walk_willem_DAK_5682_publishBlog 20140202_walk_willem_DAK_5691_publishBlog 20140202_walk_willem_DAK_5696-Edit_publishBlog 20140202_walk_willem_DAK_5697_publishBlog 20140202_walk_willem_DAK_5714_publishBlog 20140202_walk_willem_DAK_5730_publishBlogI personally really like going out with no particular place to go and just taking some shots, I hope you liked reading this post and seeing the photos. Please let me know if you did!


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