Hi there folks,

To all of you out there who’ve been paying attention to my blog, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’ve been rather inactive over the last few months. Please let me explain to you what has been happening (and is still happening to some extent right now). I finished high school somewhere in July, which basically meant a long ass break for me. I was on some lovely holidays to Vlieland (Netherlands), London, several cities in Italy and even Hong Kong and Bali (Indonesia) during that break. Obviously I’ve taken a shit load of pictures during those holidays, but that also meant a lot of work to sort all the photos and edit them if necessary. Most of the photos are up now, I’m only still working on the photos from Bali and Hong Kong (and I might publish some additional photos from the other holidays).

After the holidays were over, a completely new chapter of life started for me: university. I’ve started studying electrical engineering at the University of Technology in Delft. But as I got started here in Delft (with both the study and a fraternity) I got so caught up in all the new stuff that I had to put photography on hold for a little while. I’m about fourteen weeks in now and I’m starting to feel like I’m back in control and I’ve also begun to seriously miss photography. Fortunately, since I’m in control now, I’ve decided to spend more time taking photos again. I’ve got to tell you: it feels great.

I can’t wait to grab my camera the next time and I love to be back. Thanks to all.


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