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baginXdanielFor those who have been paying attention to my website and blog, it won’t be a surprise that I’m into photography. Though, not only photography, but also video attracts my attention. The only problem is, that I’m not great at editing video. Sure, I could learn that, but that will take some time. So, it would actually be very convenient if there was someone who could take care of that part of the process.

Well, not surprisingly, there is someone. Baginda Tirtadji, a friend from school, and I happened to start working together. It started with a LAN party that we had at school ¬†(for the less nerdy computer¬†types out there, that’s basically a room filled with computers and people playing games together). I decided to shoot some video of the happening with no specific intentions other than to capture the environment on tape. That’s when Baginda came up to me and asked me if he could use my footage to make it into a nice montage. That sounded cool to me, so I gave him the footage. Within a day or so (I don’t understand how he does that), he had the final video ready and I truly love it. Here it is (it’s on his YouTube channel by the way).

As we both liked the outcome, we decided to do this more often. And that happened to coincide perfectly with the fact that we were heading out on school camp soon afterwards. We decided to both shoot some video there and then he would make it into a nice montage again. That’s exactly how it happened, have a look at the result. (Note that about 50% of the footage is mine, the other half is his, and the photos at the end are also his)

This was another success the way we saw it. Not much later, we were asked by important folks from our school (student representatives) if we could create a video for some artistic battle (more about that battle here). It had to be an intro for a tournament in which the four oldest lyceums (high schools) of the country participated. That basically meant that the video was going to be screened for an auditorium full of people from different places in the country. A great opportunity that we took. I did the filming, Baginda – again – edited it into a magnificent final video. The theme of the video was “The other side” and we were not really responsible for the script (although we did involve ourselves in the script making to a certain degree).

The auditorium full of people loved it, I was really glad and so was Baginda. So that was another successful project. After this, we started thinking about doing more of this stuff. So stay tuned for future projects. And as always, I’m very curious to hear your opinion, so please do leave a comment and tell me what you think. Thanks.

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  1. Yannesh says:

    Nice filmpjes. Binnenkort aftermovies van fissa’s?????

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