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The other sideI recently participated in a photo contest at my school. The winners (two of ‘em) would be taking part in the Artistic Interlyceals (literal translation warning there). These Artistic Interlyceals, which I’ll refer to as artistic battle from now on, are tournaments that are held every year by the four oldest lyceums (high schools) of the Netherlands. This year they were held on our school.

So I was participating in a sort of qualification round. Along with me were around seven other participants. We all had to take one photo with the theme “The other side”. My creative mind was going apeshit on this one, so I came up with a couple of ideas. Due to time limitations, I was only able to create one of these images. It’s one that’s a rather technical one, and that’s why I thought it would be fun to let you deconstruct this bad boy. What would be the fun of me telling exactly how I took this?

So have a look and let me know how you think this photo was taken. (And of course let me know whether you like it or not.)

The other side

The other side

Unfortunate side story here: I didn’t win the qualification thing. Bummer, but there’s good news too: the folks who did actually get chosen, won the photo part at the artistic battle and our school won the whole thing.
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