Trip to Paris

Last week I was so fortunate to go on a trip to Paris with school. The trip was for the classes with classical languages (ancient Greek or Latin) only. We only stayed for only one night but it we had good fun during the two days.

We went by train, the fast one called the Thalys (doing around 186mph or 300km/h). It took around three hours until we arrived on Gare du Nord. We headed to the Sacré-Coeur first and after finding ourselves some lunch there continued to the Louvre Museum. We saw a couple of the big works there and then we went to the Notre Dame. Continue reading

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My best stage photo?


–Update: voting closed, I entered the contest with photo #1

There’s a contest going on over at the website of Foam (that’s a photo museum in Amsterdam) and you can send in your best stage photo from a concert, link here. Of course I’m going to participate in this contest, but I’m not exactly sure which is my best stage photo. So I would like you to tell me which one that is. Underneath is a list of photos. You would really help me out, so if you have a spare second please just let me know in the comments. Continue reading

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It’s been a long time

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done car photography and shared it. That’s because I’m not that much into car photography anymore, but a few days ago I had a blast taking photos of this furious car. It’s a Mercedes-Benz C63 Coupé AMG Black Series, that’s quite a mouthful, but it basically means: a very expensive and over the top edition of some Mercedes-Benz… Continue reading

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Kyteman – true artist

Kyteman, photo by © Roel DetermeijerI would like to dedicate a little post on my blog to Kyteman. Kyteman is a Dutch musician artist. Yes, he makes music, but the way I see it, it’s more than just that. Kyteman is a true creative.

Kyteman started out with music that was jazz and hip-hop combined. Not a combination that is very common, but it’s great! He had quite some success with that, but like a true artist had to cope with little money now and then. Continue reading

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New York Exchange Pt 1

Last week was an extremely special one for me, it was the New York exchange week. This basically means that students from NY came over to Amsterdam and stayed with students over here (pt 1). But this also means that in half a year the students from here are going to stay at their places in NY(pt 2).

This whole exchange thing is organized by my school and the one in NY. So we were with a group of ten people on the Amsterdam side and nine on the NY side and this week the ten from NY stayed here. Here in this case means: every student from NY stayed at home with one of the students from Amsterdam. Continue reading

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Holiday to Spain

Timo on a walk

-Update- There now is a skiing video as well, it’s at the bottom of this post

It’s already been a couple of weeks since I’m back, but I haven’t forgotten about the beautiful week yet. I went to Spain with my good friend Timo for a pretty busy schedule, but a very nice one.  The holiday can basically be divided into two parts, first half of the week was in the sun on a beautiful piece of land just enjoying the sun and working a little bit. The second half of the week was skiing in the Sierra Nevada.

Continue reading

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Mind Prints by Frank Meo

Mind Prints by Frank Meo is a very interesting book Frank Meo has published. It has the look and feel of a photography portfolio, but there’s not a single photo in the book. Neither is it a novel. It’s a very original idea and I guess you haven’t seen anything like it before. Neither have I.

Frank was so incredibly kind to have a copy of the book sent to me. I was very excited when it arrived and I have to say the book looks great and feels great when you’re holding it. But of course what’s inside is what really matters. Continue reading

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Challenge XXII

This week the 22nd challenge is ending. Which challenge? Well, I’m on a Dutch photoforum ( and every now and then a challenge is held. Basically the challenge works as follows: a certain amount of attendants are divided into groups, they get a subject to take a photo of and then everybody on the forum gets a chance to vote which one they think is best. The winners proceed to the next round and so on and so forth. Continue reading

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First photoshoot (of this year)

As you may or may not know, I’ve been into for photography since end 2009, which is not for a very long time yet. That’s also the reason why I haven’t done many photoshoots yet. But about two weeks ago, I did one of my first photoshoots and I had a great time doing it. It was very educative and a lot of fun. Read on to see the photos and read a little more about it. Continue reading

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And the winner is…

This is followup to my previous post in which I asked you to vote which of my photos shot in 2011 you liked the most. Many of you took the time to vote and I’m very thankful for that! But let’s get to it, there’s one photo that clearly stood out and it received the most votes, I think we can call it a winner. There’s also a runner up that got quite some votes too.


And the winner is… Continue reading

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