Airstreams and sun

I just got back from a very warm and joyful week in the deep south of France. I was on holiday with a very good friend of mine, Jim, and his parents and we stayed at a camping with barely any other type of caravans than airstreams – if you don’t know what airstreams are, they’re the streamlined aluminium caravans.

The camping is run by very nice people and the inhabitants of the camping are very nice as well. The camping is called Belrepayre, so if you like airstreams you might want to give it a try some time.

Jim and his family had been in France for two weeks already when I arrived – I got there by train – and the week I joined in we stayed not in an airstream, but in a comfy house on that same camping. We didn’t do much, we got up late, got some groceries did some tight-rope walking, had dinner, went to the bar, played a few games of pool and went back to bed. That pretty much describes my week there. However, I did see some of the surroundings and I’ve been to Carcasonne – an old city/castle relatively close to where we were.

One more cool thing about the holiday before I get to the photos is the car with which we were. It’s a Caddilac De Ville from 1969 or 1970 – blame Wikipedia if I didn’t get this right – ¬†and its color is simply gorgeous: turquoisish. Okay, enough about the holiday, here are some photos.


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