Amsterdam 80 years ago

I’ve lived in Amsterdam all my life and I definitely like the city the way it is right now. But it is also really cool to know that your hometown has a very long and interesting history. I’m not very good at history and please don’t ask me about all the historical facts of my hometown, but whenever you see a tram like in the photos below rolling through the streets you’re gonna love the city even more.

This tram, which was built in 1929, is now used as a tourist attraction. I’m not very fond of tourist attractions, but this is a total different league. I would want to jump on this tram just as bad as any random tourist. This is a piece of history of our beautiful city and I’m ever so grateful that it’s intact and I hope it will remain that way for a very long time.

Here are two shots that I took of the tram and I’m a bit in doubt as to whether or not I should put them in my portfolio. So please let me know if you like any of these shots enough.

The tram

The tram



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