Trip to Paris

Last week I was so fortunate to go on a trip to Paris with school. The trip was for the classes with classical languages (ancient Greek or Latin) only. We only stayed for only one night but it we had good fun during the two days.

We went by train, the fast one called the Thalys (doing around 186mph or 300km/h). It took around three hours until we arrived on Gare du Nord. We headed to the Sacré-Coeur first and after finding ourselves some lunch there continued to the Louvre Museum. We saw a couple of the big works there and then we went to the Notre Dame.

Having arrived at the Notre Dame we were offered some free time so with a couple of friends we explored around a bit. We didn’t make it that far though, we just walked a little circle.

We had dinner at some restaurant, my food looked a bit like stuff you feed to cats. I sort of by accident ordered raw meat. I thought tartare de boeuf would be some sort of nice grilled beef or something. Turned out to be raw. Yeck. To compensate I had a crêpe, basically just a pancake, with sugar afterwards.

The crêpe led to some fun by the way, a friend of mine was ordering one in English: “Can I have a crap please?”…

We slept at a moderately comfy hostel and the next morning we went to Centre Pompidou,  a museum of modern art. Especially the building is very interesting, but there was some good art inside as well.

The rest of the day we kind of hanged around a bit and went to the Eiffel tower, then back to Gare du Nord to catch the train back. We grabbed a sandwich from Subway on our way to the station and that was the grossest sandwich I’ve ever eaten… Never again…

After some technical issues with the train were resolved we returned back home with an hour delay. I had two wonderful days and it was nice to be in Paris after somewhat eight years. I could hardly remember the city. I took a couple of interesting shots and of course some for the facebook albums. Here are some of them.

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