My best stage photo?


–Update: voting closed, I entered the contest with photo #1

There’s a contest going on over at the website of Foam (that’s a photo museum in Amsterdam) and you can send in your best stage photo from a concert, link here. Of course I’m going to participate in this contest, but I’m not exactly sure which is my best stage photo. So I would like you to tell me which one that is. Underneath is a list of photos. You would really help me out, so if you have a spare second please just let me know in the comments.


#1 (I picked this one)










Thank you very much for voting!

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5 Responses to My best stage photo?

  1. de helemaal bovenste!!!

  2. Sowieso die eerste.

  3. Juba Rasdi says:

    Sowieso #1, Dikke uithaal!

  4. Peter says:

    Inderdaad de bovenste =]

  5. Lune says:

    I choose 1 to!

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