New York Exchange Pt 1

Last week was an extremely special one for me, it was the New York exchange week. This basically means that students from NY came over to Amsterdam and stayed with students over here (pt 1). But this also means that in half a year the students from here are going to stay at their places in NY(pt 2).

This whole exchange thing is organized by my school and the one in NY. So we were with a group of ten people on the Amsterdam side and nine on the NY side and this week the ten from NY stayed here. Here in this case means: every student from NY stayed at home with one of the students from Amsterdam.

What were the NY students doing here?

Of course they were just enjoying the city and doing some of the touristic things. For example, they’ve been in the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh-museum, but they’ve also been going to school now and then. They’ve had a few classes on for example WWII and Van Gogh and a Dutch lesson (that must have been hilarious). And then there was just having fun with the group which was a big part of their stay.

Where did the students stay?

Every student from NY stayed with a student from Amsterdam. The student who stayed with me is called Javon and he sure is an awesome fellow. We’ve had a crazy amount of fun both together and with the rest of the group.

Some photos

Here’s just some photos of this amazing week.

This was the lovely group (photo by someone else)

This was the lovely group (photo by someone else)

Moises & Julius

Julius & Moises in a tree at the Vondelpark before we had dinner.

After dinner

After a delicious dinner at Julius' house.

Charles on the guitar

Charles laying down some tunes on the guitar after dinner at Julius'.

Playing pool

Playing a few games of pool in the evening with Charles, Javon and Jim.


Javon, my guest and now very good friend.


Waterbiking the canals of Amsterdam. It's tough but a lot of fun.


Javon with the big woodenshoes on at the Zaanse Schans (a very touristic place showing all sorts of really Dutch things)

I would like to thank all the New Yorkers that were here this week incredibly much, it was absolutely awesome to have you here. I had a wonderful week which I’ll never forget and I can’t wait till October so you can show me around your place.


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  1. Bianca says:

    Thank u it was really nice I love it there .

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