Holiday to Spain

Timo on a walk

-Update- There now is a skiing video as well, it’s at the bottom of this post

It’s already been a couple of weeks since I’m back, but I haven’t forgotten about the beautiful week yet. I went to Spain with my good friend Timo for a pretty busy schedule, but a very nice one.  The holiday can basically be divided into two parts, first half of the week was in the sun on a beautiful piece of land just enjoying the sun and working a little bit. The second half of the week was skiing in the Sierra Nevada.

So first we flew to Malaga airport – after waking up at around 3:30AM – and we were picked up there. After enjoying a drink and a tostada at the beach we drove up the mountains and eventually reached our destination: a beautifully located house with a very nice piece of land around it.

We worked a little bit, but we also just enjoyed the gorgeous weather and had a really good time. The working was basically collecting garden waste, rotten wood and more like that and bringing that to one single point to set it on fire. So after two days of working we had a big fire to set our eyes on.

But after three days or so, we were moving on. We were on our way to the Sierra Nevada for some skiing, but we stopped halfway to visit the Alhambra in Granada and to catch up with Timo’s mother. I enjoyed the Alhambra, I think it’s quite awesome with all the walldecorations and the nice gardens.

We then drove on to our sort of hostel up the mountain right next to where the ski slopes were. So it was time for three days of skiing. The weather was still wonderful and the slopes were acceptable, there wasn’t a lot of snow, but on the slopes themselves it was fine. We had a lot of fun in the terrain park, but we also raced down some lovely red slopes now and then.

Our hostel was pretty okay, it wasn’t luxurious in any way, but I didn’t miss that. I think it made it even more fun to stay there (fortunately we didn’t have to stay there for too long). But after those three days we had to get back to Granada from where we would take our flight the day after.

After arriving in Granada, we enjoyed some delicious sashimi and other Japanese food at a local Japanese restaurant and the next morning we left off, heading back to Amsterdam.

It was such a pleasant week and thanks to Timo, Martina, Ton and Gemma for making it such a nice week! Of course I shot quite some photos – not as much as I would’ve liked, but it is hard to enjoy holiday and at the same time shoot a lot of photos – and I made a nice video. Check them out.

The video

-Update- Skiing video

 The photos

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2 Responses to Holiday to Spain

  1. Jitt says:

    Watching the potographs & video, reading the blog – it really captures the lovely, wonderful atmosphere of the south of Spain. Makes me want to go there again – soon.

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