Challenge XXII

This week the 22nd challenge is ending. Which challenge? Well, I’m on a Dutch photoforum ( and every now and then a challenge is held. Basically the challenge works as follows: a certain amount of attendants are divided into groups, they get a subject to take a photo of and then everybody on the forum gets a chance to vote which one they think is best. The winners proceed to the next round and so on and so forth.

I’ve attended the challenge twice before, I made it to the ┬ásecond round in the 19th challenge and to the finals in the 20th challenge. How did I do this time? Read on!

Round 1

The subject for the first round was: book(s). I didn’t have much time that weekend (you only get the weekend and the Monday to take the shot) so I found myself not having a photo with only a few hours to go. It was Monday, my photo had to be sent in before 9pm and the sun had gone down already.

Barely any light, barely any gear – just my D3000 and my 50mm, no flashes whatsoever – and still not a creative idea in my head. I had almost given up, but I pulled myself together and decided to at least create something no matter the quality. I didn’t want to have nothing to send in.

So I robbed some books from the cabinet and put them on the table. I turned on the overhead fluorescent lamp to get a little light to work with. I composed the shot by arranging the books and throwing in a piece of paper, a pen, some glasses and an empty glass with coke can. The paper reads ‘Boekverslag’ which is Dutch for ‘Bookreport’.

The shot was very far from perfect and I didn’t really like it, still don’t. But knowing the hurry in which I put it together I am not completely unsatisfied. Alright, here we go:

My shot for subject book(s)

My shot for subject book(s)

How did this photo do? Well, not stunningly great, but not too bad either. It got me through the first round.

Round 2

The second round’s subject was: from above downwards. This appealed to me much more – I’m not that much of a reader – so I started thinking about it and got a few ideas in my head. I wanted to make it an action/decisive shot because I really like shooting that and I hadn’t done that often enough before – still haven’t though.

Just like the weekend before, I was quite busy and couldn’t find the time to shoot an image. So on Monday, the last day I had, I was forced to do something. I took some gear with me to school and I begged my buddy Jim whether he would want to me my ‘model’/'athlete’ whatever. He agreed, so we went out to the Valeriusplein, and there was this climbing thing for kids. I asked him to get on it and jump off.

I was laying on the ground shooting the images of him while he kept jumping and jumping. One of the big issues was, that he got tired and I was afraid he would quit before we would be ready. Thanks to Jim, he didn’t and we could go on till I had the shot I was looking for. I bought him a drink afterwards.

I was pretty content about the shot, and I really haven’t done much to it in postproduction. So the shot looked a little something like this:

Jim jumping from the climbing thing

Jolly jumpin Jim

As content as I was, I submitted the photo to the challenge with good hope. At first my entry was doing really quite well, but I started to slowly fall behind after a day or two. So eventually I lost this round. Too bad, but probably this photo isn’t as good as I thought it was, that’s a good thing to know. It’s always good to hear someone elses opinion about something you created. It can only make things better.

So I didn’t make it that far in this challenge, but I don’t hesitate to try again next challenge. Please tell me whether you like the shots or not.

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2 Responses to Challenge XXII

  1. Its excellent as your other articles :D, thank you for putting up.

  2. David says:

    Good work. Keep up the great job!

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