And the winner is…

This is followup to my previous post in which I asked you to vote which of my photos shot in 2011 you liked the most. Many of you took the time to vote and I’m very thankful for that! But let’s get to it, there’s one photo that clearly stood out and it received the most votes, I think we can call it a winner. There’s also a runner up that got quite some votes too.


And the winner is…


My girlfriend's dog in some beautiful light.

Magical Dog

The one and only magical dog! I can find myself in that opinion I gotta say, I really like this shot even though the dog’s not sharp. The lighting I find just very mystical and also gorgeous and that’s what makes this shot. The composition with the dog really adds up to that and combined you get this. Again, thanks for voting folks.

As I said, there’s also a runner up which is the following photo.


My buddy Jonathan drinking from a bottle of water in Rome.


My very good friend Jonathan who is drinking this delightful bottle of water in Rome. A fun little fact to know is that I shot this photo with just my Point&Shoot as I didn’t want to take my DSLR with me to Rome. It’s good to see that with limited gear you can still get wonderful shots (2nd photo of this year), so don’t ever let limitations of your gear hold you back, but instead utilize them, because they force you to let your creative mind go crazy and that’s exactly what you need! So memorize that and don’t think otherwise.

One little thing though, I also mentioned in my last post that you could post links to your favorite photo of this year (with that I mean either a photo that you took or someone else), but nobody did. Don’t hesitate to still do that, I’d love to see ‘em!
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  1. I like that line of lighting across the background. Looks like you were there right at the right time. Good job.

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