Year End – Best photos

As it’s the end of this year and all websites/blogs/newspapers/magazines/etc are throwing out their best of 2011 lists, I decided to go along with them. I went through my photos of this year and picked out a few that I thought had a chance of being my best photo of this year. I’ll list them below, and then you can comment which one you like the most.

Photo #1

This was the photo for the theme 'Lines' which was for a challenge.

The photo with theme 'lines' that I shot for a challenge.

Photo #2

One of the two singers from PleaseHop.

Naomi, the singer of the band PleaseHop.

Photo #3

Naomi, the singer of PleaseHop

Naomi, the singer of PleaseHop

Photo #4

My buddy Jonathan drinking from a bottle of water in Rome.

My buddy Jonathan drinking cool water from his bottle in Rome.

Photo #5

That's me.

The shot that I took of myself.

Photo #6

My girlfriend's dog in some beautiful light.

My girlfriend's dog in some crazy lighting conditions.

So please tell me what you think of these pics and which one you’d choose to be the best of this year. And of course feel free to post a link to your favorite photo of this year!

Happy New Year everyone, I hope y’all have a wonderful 2012!


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12 Responses to Year End – Best photos

  1. JimBob says:

    4. Klaar poep!

  2. rlydumb says:

    the last one!!

  3. zeg.ik_lekker-toch_niet. says:

    allemaal :) en 1 en 4 vooral

  4. delihlah says:

    4 and 6

  5. Elke says:

    He Daniël ik ga voor de eerste foto. Vond t moeilijk kiezen want ik vind ze allemaal mooi, maar kies toch voor de eerste!!

    Tot later, doei

  6. Dan says:

    The Magical Dog, you know I’m right Dog.

  7. Joëlle says:

    Foto 6

  8. Gerard says:

    De foto ‘Onder de ME paarden door’ had erbij gemogen!

  9. Kai says:

    De laatste jongen!

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