Two Bums One Tree

Howdy everyone, you might know me as a photographer, but I also love doing some video. And that’s exactly what I did over the last four weeks. We have made a 10 minute comedy movie (or actually it’s supposed to be a sitcom episode) with a couple of guys and I’m very happy about the end result and I’d love to share it with you. So please continue reading if you want to see it.

Alright, so this is in fact a school project. For an artistic subject? No. It’s for a beautiful subject called English, which is also known as a language spoken in a couple of countries around the world. Yes, the subject IS the language. (Enough joking around here, probably not even funny) We got an assignment to write a sitcom episode and actually shoot that script and put it on YouTube.

When I heard this, I became very happy and excited and motivated to do this. After watching hours and hours of movie behind the scenes and tutorials/tips on the interwebs (think FilmRiot, FreddieW, CorridorDigital, ChaseJarvis, creativeLive) I wanted to make something myself and this was the perfect opportunity. No stress to get a team, because we were already in a team and a deadline which forced us to get out and shoot. Another handy thing: we could shoot during English lessons so we didn’t have to find time to shoot (that always sucks, there’s always people busy on crucial moments).

We already had the basic idea of the sitcom and the name for it: Two Bums One Tree. About two hobos who live in a tree in the Vondelpark (Amsterdam) and have to earn money by any means. So from there on the brainstorming began, but we didn’t have much time in class to brainstorm and it soon became real urgent to have a script ready, so Jim and I decided to do it in our free time. And in a couple of hours we had our script ready.

Then it was time to get shootin’, Jim was director, I was DP. Everybody was assigned a roll, except for me, and we started shooting the scenes. We had a lot of fun on set and it was very interesting for me to do a production like this one, a no-budget yet serious and elaborate production. At least for me it was. Constantly thinking of good ways to frame, coming up with ideas for problems that cropped up and more of that.

But after about four weeks of shooting and some filthy hours of editing by my buddy Jim and just one or two of my editing (adding sound effects and credits) we had the most epic sitcom ever. Full stop. Alright then, I’ll let you decide, but we were very happy with the result and we laughed are asses of while watching it in class. We made it within the given time, we had a 10 minute video full of random funny stuff and we stunned our teacher. So we definitely reached are goal. At least I did.

After reading (or not reading in case you skipped all of that which I could understand and I’d have sympathy for that), you might want to know what this is all about, so here you go. Please watch and enjoy, and not to forget: please like that thang on YouTube and leave me a comment here, tell me what you think about it. Nuff said, video:

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2 Responses to Two Bums One Tree

  1. Miss Ket says:

    Thank you Daniel, for calling English a beautiful subject and for your enthusiasm working on this project. I admire your overall zeal for the language and all its aspects. It’s a pleasure teaching you, and learning fróm you! Still can’t believe the incredible amount of effort you guys were willing to put into this. It absolutely shows in your “baby”: Two Bums One Tree

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