Photo Challenge XX

The final image for lines

Perhaps you remember from last time, when I was in the Challenge XIX and I made it only to the second round. Just about a week ago the last Challenge, the twentieth, ended and I did a pretty good job on that one.

You might be asking yourself what I’m talking about, well I’ll explain briefly (click for a more in-depth explanation). It’s a photo challenge, on a Dutch photo forum, in which the contestants have to take a photo with a specific subject every weekend. The contestants are divided into pools, and the winners of the pools go to the next round.

So, I think it’s time to get to the photos I shot this time:

Round 1

The subject for this round was lines. It wasn’t too hard for me to come up with a general idea, architecture. That often has quite some interesting lines in it. So my plan was to cycle to the Zuidas in Amsterdam, which is a brand new neighborhood in the south of Amsterdam with quite some interesting architecture. But on my way there, I also cycled along some other place with a lot of interesting buildings as well, so I took my camera out looking around for some images and I shot a few, not quite satisfied yet. And then when I was about to leave, I saw this awesome spot, and right when I saw it, I knew how I was going to frame it, how I was going to edit this later on and how the final product would look. So I took that shot, did the things to it that I wanted to do, and that was the shot I used for the challenge. I did continue my way to the Zuidas, and took a few shots there, but they weren’t as good as this one. So here it is:

The final image for lines

The final image for lines

There’s one more shot that I’d like to show, but I didn’t use this one for the Challenge. It was shot at the Zuidas.

A building at the Zuidas

A building at the Zuidas

My photo really stood out in this round, and I won it with ease (somewhere around 70% of the votes were for my photo), so I did a particularly good job on this one.

Round 2

The subject for the second round was: too early. This one puzzled me a little bit, I wasn’t so sure what I had to take photos of for too early, but I figured somebody waiting for a lesson to start by a classroom would make for a decent shot. I had a beautiful idea in my mind and I took all my gear with me to school, but I couldn’t get even close to the desired shot. In fact I wasn’t happy at all with what I got, but there was no time left, so I had to go with what I had. And that was this:

My final shot for Too early

My final shot for Too early

But when I looked at it again, I thought, well, this photo isn’t too bad it’s got some nice depth with the bright hallway. The composition is alright, and so it the exposure. It’s just the theme that isn’t so clear.. But surprisingly enough, my photo actually won the round, the other photo was winning at first, but in the end I had a few votes more.

Round 3 – the finale

The subject for round 3, the final round, was recurrence/repetition and I was lost on this one, I couldn’t come up with something good for repetition. So on the last day, I just went out and clicked around and finally this is the shot that had to take me to glory:

The final photo for the final round

The final photo for the final round

It didn’t. I wasn’t all that surprised, It was a last minute shot and wasn’t great. And I didn’t feel bad about it at all, I mean, the winner had a very nice shot and definitely deserved winning and I was happy that at least I had a descent photo for the last round. I didn’t just have nothing.

So there you go, three shots that took me to the finals of this Challenge. Maybe I’ll win it next time. Please let me know what you think of the shots in the comments.

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