Holiday to Spain

Just a week ago or so I came back from a holiday in the northwest of Spain. It was a lot of fun and the scenery was great. Obviously I had my camera lock and loaded and with me, though not as locked and loaded as I would’ve liked, since we were cycling and I had to pull over and get it out the bag prior to shooting anything, but I still got some neat images to show you. The last two days were in Bilbao, which has the beautiful Guggenheim museum.

Pretty much all my life (just 16 years up till now) I’ve wanted to see it with my own eyes, the architecture is just amazing. And it was great to see it in real life, the art inside could’ve been better in my opinion. There were some nice pieces of art here and there and I definitely enjoyed the day, but there was also quite a lot of art that just wasn’t it for me.

Alright, nuff said, let’s get to the photos.

Maybe not the best photo ever, more like a nice snapshot for the travel feeling.

I admit this photo is definitely the category holiday pictures, and that's a category I try to avoid. Though, I love the colors and the scenery here, so I couldn't help but put it here too.


I don't know why exactly, but I sort of like this photo too so I wanted to share it with you.


A fisherman's boat on dry in the harbour. I like this shot a lot and I think the selective coloring makes it just a little bit better.


A photo I'm pretty proud of, it's a piece of art in front of the Guggenheim museum.

As always, I have selected very strictly, so this is it. There’s some more photos that are almost good enough, but just not it, and I want to keep the quality high. (Quality is more important to me than quantity)

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