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Dutch soccer club Ajax won the Dutch competition this Sunday with a match against FC Twente. Ajax won with a beautiful score: 3-1. Not surprisingly, the victory led to a big party in the hometown of Ajax: Amsterdam. I happen to live just there so I felt like I had no choice but to go there and shoot some photos of what was going on.

So I headed out with my camera with me and I wasn’t sure if it was going to work out so well… I expected a boatload of drunk supporters and an enormous impenetrable crowd, but it was worth a try. I was right about the amount of drunk supporters, but as long as I steered clear of the heart of the crowd, it wasn’t all that bad. I could shoot without any trouble. Click continue reading for the photos.

So, let’s move on to the photos.

On the way

People on their way to the Museumsquare

So here they were making their way to the Museumsquare (which was already way to full as can be).


People climbing the Stedelijk Museum

The full square led to some creative minds: climbing one of the museums that is right next to the Museumsquare. I can’t say this is really safe, nor is it legal, so don’t try it yourself! Anyway, after a couple of people went up there it started to look something like this:

Stedelijk Museum

A bunch of people on the Stedelijk Museum

A crowd was starting to form on the roof of that building, I must say it has to be quite exciting to be on the roof of a big museum like that and enjoy a big event like this. Anyway, this isn’t legal and the necessary authorities were present.


A cop reporting something

And there was cavalry cops (is that correct english?)


Cops on horses.




I am really glad I actually went there, I wasn’t sure if I would go there at first, but I thought, this doesn’t happen all that often so lets take the chance.

So that are the best photos I have, is there one you like most? If so, please tell me in the comments below.

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